Regional Human Resource Assistant


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) in Bangkok, Thailand oversees and provides strategic and technical support to IOM activities within the region. Within the RO Bangkok structure, the Regional Resources Management Unit (RRMU) provides support to 40 IOM Country Offices (COs) within the region on budgeting, accounting, human resources, procurement, ICT and other administrative functions.

Under the overall supervision of the Senior Regional Resources Management Officer (SRRMO) and direct supervision of the Regional Human Resources Officer (RHRO) in Bangkok, Thailand, the incumbent will provide day to day HR support to the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

Human Resources:

  1. Assist in coordinating and monitoring the Human Resources Management of the RO in accordance with the organization’s regulations, instructions, policies, procedures and practices and in light of operational activities in the Office.

  2. Assist in verifying Human Resources processes and actions in conformity with relevant IOM policies and procedures. Ensure that Human Resources processes and procedures remain consistent with relevant IOM set rules and regulations.

  3. Carry-out Personnel Action (PA) roles in PRISM HR with accuracy and timeliness.

  4. Coordinate the preparation of reports pertaining to personnel administration;

  5. Assist in coordination with Country Offices, Administrative Centers in Manila and Panama and Human Resources Management in Geneva on a range of different Human Resources issues.

  6. Attend external meetings when and as required and brief management accordingly.

  7. Support recruitment processes in the RO by coordinating the publication of VN/SVN/CfA, receiving and sorting applications, arranging interviews and tests, preparing all the required documentation and materials, sending communications to candidates, contacting previous employers for reference checks and any other related activity as assigned.

  8. Carry out pre-employment activities, such as preparation of EoD documentation and collection of supporting documentation, coordination of EoD Medical Exam, follow up with Heath Insurance Unit in Manila or Panama on Medical Clearance, coordination of orientation sessions, arrangement for security briefing, inclusion in insurance plans as appropriate, creation of personal file, etc.

  9. Prepare monthly payroll for Consultant and Interns and monitor the payments.

  10. Perform PA and SES Agent role in PRISM HR paying special attention to data consistency and accuracy; input and maintain data based on approvals and supporting documentation; monitor and follow up on contractual situation and entitlements and generate reports, contract extensions, personnel actions and other related documentation.

  11. Support separation, classification, reclassification and promotion processes by collecting necessary documentation, drafting forms, making calculations, obtaining approvals, and coordinating with relevant Units in PAC and MAC.

  12. Update and maintain electronic and physical archiving systems in the HR Unit, including personnel files with all supporting documentation, recruitment files, HR policies, regulations, guidelines and manuals, internal controls, etc.

  13. Draft Certificates of Employment (CoE), notices, letters, reports, presentations, graphs, update the organizational chart and support timely submission of documents.


  1. Assist with/guide on logistics and administrative formalities related to travel arrangements of new colleagues, facilitating of entry visa and guide on the entry process for Thailand to IOM personnel and dependents.

  2. Ensure updating and maintaining of relevant policies and procedures of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Bureau and other key departments as needed.

  3. Ensure all protocol activities (e.g. visas, re-entry visas, stay permits, ID cards (IOM, UN, MFA), etc.) relating to personnel and dependents as applicable, are in accordance with requirement of the organization and national government, including correspondence with the national authorities in relation to these protocol arrangements.

  4. Maintain up-to-date database on stay permit and re-entry visa and send alerts to personnel including provision of advice as required.

  5. Participate in meetings as member of Community of Practice (CoP) on protocol in order to contribute resolution of related matters with other UN Agencies and national authorities or provide inputs as needed.

  6. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned.

Regional Human Resource Assistant




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