Protection Analysis: Refugee influxes from Myanmar, February 2022

Protection Analysis: Refugee influxes from Myanmar, February 2022


Since early 2021, widespread violence against civilians across Myanmar and the resurgence of clashes between the Myanmar Military (Tatmadaw) and ethnic armed groups in border areas have forcibly displaced thousands of people within Myanmar and to neighbouring countries. Since the end of March 2021, approximately 15,700 refugees have crossed into Thailand to flee the conflict and seek protection, including a high proportion of women, children, and older persons. Many refugees were received and accommodated in Temporary Safety Areas managed by the Royal Thai Army. While most refugees subsequently returned to Myanmar, thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) located close to the Thai-Myanmar border remain at high risk of harm, and along with others newly displaced, may seek to cross the international border to escape persecution and the situation of generalized violence.

The protection analysis presents the main protection threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and coping strategies of refugees in Thailand who have fled Myanmar since 1 February 2021. The protection analysis was developed by the Protection Sector on the basis of findings from protection monitoring activities, involving interviews with refugees and key informants, and desk review of publicly available information. The methodology reflects the ongoing access restrictions to Temporary Safety Areas, limiting the ability of protection actors to assess needs comprehensively and conduct protection activities. On 2 February, an inter-agency workshop with members of the protection sector was the opportunity to review priority issues and validate the recommendations. This analysis aims to inform inter-agency decisions, advocacy and programming.

Protection Analysis: Refugee influxes from Myanmar, February 2022




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