Head of Advocacy and Engagement

Head of Advocacy and Engagement – [Urgent]

Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization based in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. BDF supports access to essential services for more than 2,000 vulnerable children and their families living in construction sites and urban slums every year. Through tailored educational programs and flexible individual support, BDF protects at-risk children and enables families to become self-sustainable to provide opportunities for a better future.

The Head of Advocacy and Engagement plays a pivotal role in supporting the BDF’s Systemic Impact Strategy. The long term objective of this strategy aims to create sustainable change in the construction sector to ensure the well-being of workers and their children in collaboration with the construction sector and other key stakeholders. In order to address issues commonly faced by construction workers and their children, BDF and UNICEF Thailand developed the Chiang Mai Framework for Action (CMFA) after a rigorous grounded theory research study, Building Futures in Thailand in 2018. The CMFA proposes 12 key recommendations to companies, for them to support migratory communities with access to public services, information, and relevant life skills. BDF encourages the construction sector to adopt these recommendations and to facilitate this process, has developed — through a collaborative process with companies and beneficiaries– and piloted tools that operationalize the CMFA, which includes merging child protection mechanisms into a business model. BDF has also worked on developing a business case, Social Return on Investment (SROI) value and is actively exploring incentives of key stakeholders to amplify wider CMFA uptake in the sector. Building on this evidence, the Director of Advocacy and Engagement seeks to further develop the stakeholder engagement strategy for the Thai construction sector and other key players.

Job Description:

Job Title: Head of Advocacy and Engagement (Manager level)

Type of Contract: Full-time employment position for 1-year (with possibility of extension)

Department: Engagement and Advocacy

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Expected Start Date: ASAP

Responsibilities of the advertised position:

Baan Dek Foundation is currently looking for a professional and dedicated locally-based Head of Advocacy and Engagement who will commit to contribute to BDF’s overall mission and provide specialized support for children and their families who reside in construction site camps. The position will work under the direct supervision of BDF’s Executive Director, working closely with BDF’s Senior Management Team. The main responsibilities of this role are provided below.

Role and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

● Supporting the BDF’s Systemic Impact Strategy implementation, toward the adoption of the CMFA in the Construction Industry sector.

● Develop and manage working relationships with top management of the construction sector.

● Supporting data analysis and remaining up-to-date with current affairs and construction Industry sector trends to discuss these points at high-level and strategic meetings

● Navigating through multilevel networks to implement, develop and strengthen BDF’s stakeholder strategy plan.

● Supporting team work on the implementation of training services, the integration of Child Protection mechanisms into business, building evidence-based approach and recommendations and creating community safe environments for children.

● Contribute to capacity building of BDF team related to strategy (e.g. focus groups or workshops, training, knowledge management, etc.)

● Support network development through Construction Industry and public services related to Health care, Education and Child Protection.

● Contribute to developing communication strategy.

● Programmatic reporting, support to fundraising.


● Lead on outreach, engagement and management of working partnerships with property developers and construction companies

● Responsible for maintaining relationships with the construction sector, including activities such as presentations, regular reports and discussions with companies in piloting or interested in piloting the Chiang Mai Framework for Action (CMFA), manage working groups with companies, BDF staff, external advisors/ supporters in developing tools or systems for scale


Nationality: Thai nationality

Language requirements: Excellent verbal and written proficiency in Thai and English

Education/ Experience:

● Experience in developing, implementing advocacy strategies.

● Mandatory experience working with private sector and corporate, any specific experience in the construction sector is considered an asset. Knowledge on SDG’s, ESG’s, ROI, incentives for engagement of Private Sector is required.

● Graduate qualifications (or a combination of undergraduate and relevant work experience) in a related discipline – social and community development, social work, social sciences, law or a similar discipline

● Strong understanding and experience of human/ child rights based approach and social development, experience of collaboration with the public sector is required.

● Experience with non-profit organizations or in the humanitarian sector is an asset

Other skills and competencies:

● Demonstrated management and coordination skills, including the ability to plan and meet deadlines

● Demonstrate strong management skills with the ability to gain credibility with Senior Executives while challenging the status quo ( knowledge needed on Incentives considered by the private sector related to ESG, SDG’s commitments, ROI…)

● Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate, including experience in a cross-cultural environment and an international setting

● Stakeholder engagement skills and ability to collaborate effectively, including in cross-cultural or multicultural environments

● Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

● Experience in project management or development is considered an asset

Working hours: Full time – Monday to Friday with occasional weekend and evenings

Salary & Compensation: To be defined based on experience and qualifications

Head of Advocacy and Engagement




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